Saturday, December 31, 2005

...on another xmas note

I realized I didn't post after our return from Vancouver...
Friday afternoon Dev, Kim and I hit the road to meet up with my folks up in Canada. Our hotel, Hotel Le Soliel, was booked online (a killer $deal.) It turned out to be a good find. Roomy, clean and within 3 blocks of Robson St.

Chritmas Eve was spent filling our bellies with steak @ Morton's. We ordered room-service with my sister and folks Christmas morning, which was just perfect. Nice, ah? And, Christmas dinner was shared with my aunt Marie and uncle Pete. They prepared a HUGE spread for us all. Simply delicious. Pete opened one wine bottle after the next and ended the evening with Shochu Kubai. Good times. The next day we were fortunate enough head eastbound to visit with Dev's step brother Graig, his wife Leslie and her two sons. Graig shared his killer photos from their recent trip to Hiroshima. Absolutely stunning. We spent the holidays with some truly amazing people.

Here is a Pete and Marie. They celebrated their 56th Wedding Anniversary on Dec 26th and Pete celebrated his 92nd birthday this year.

Oh crap. I forgot about links Friday.

...I'm an hour late. Its officially Saturday, so here are my post-Friday links.

On My Plate. What can I say. I LOVE food. I've added this to my links list.
VAVA. Alright Joanna! She's joined the BLOG-train. Check her coolworks out.
Martha Sue. My god. Truly unsualy fabric sculptures. Love it.

[4] Gubia. Unusual works...I like her palettes...

Update on the stray cat:

We caught her! The Live Trap did its job in record time. We got her to Brookefield Vet Hospital this afternoon - VERY nice people. We found out she's female & 2 yrs old. I guess we can't call her Mr. Chuckles any more... or can we? She got a Penicillin shot for her wound & Revolution for her fleas. She will be quarantined in our bathroom for 4days until she's through with her antibiotics. We LOVE this kitty...but I'm itchy from touching it. :-(

Friday, December 30, 2005

El Gato

Holy crap this cat is cute, wouldn't you agree?
This is the stray cat that has recently adopted us. It has been coming by our house for the past couple of weeks and every day it allows us to get a little closer to it. Dev made a make-shift home out of a moving box and it settled in there just fine. My dad recently built an awesome cat house (wood from their home and ours) we're waiting for the cat to move in. HA!

Sadly, yesterday we discovered a nasty open wound on it's right leg about the size of a quarter. So, goal for today is to capture it and take it to the vet. We're borrowing a Live Trap from an Animal Shelter...hope it does the job.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Hey! It's that time again. Friday Links.

Here you go folks. FRIDAY LINKS, week 3.
Well, this is a short list since xmas is a day away... i got stuff to do!

[1] WheedlesGroove I'm l
ooking forward to seeing this flick.
My friend (and ex-boss) Tony Gable was in Cold, Bold & Together...

Check out the trailer...
[2] Ascencios
Quirky & gorgeous at the same time.
[3] D'Aquino
I dig the matchbooks too...
Jumping cats Need I say more?

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Things and Stuff

Merry Christmas everyone!
We are heading up to Vancouver for holiday weekend tomorrow. I am SO looking forward to getting out of town for a relaxed time away. Boxing Day and room service. You can't ask for more.

By the way, if you're bored, I've added another section to My Things and Stuff called snapshots. It's a collection of a few things that caught my eye. The pic above was my cat Scout. A true lap cat. I just like this pic of her. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Happy Holidays?

I'm too late to send out Holiday cards again this year...
so here's a holiday doodle.


I was inspired by Memo's Joker today and tried my hand at some glowing eyes as well. Don't miss Memo's piece on Skullbabyland's blog.

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Joker Challenge!

...I took a stab at painting a JOKER for Skullbabyland's JOKER CHALLENGE. Some killer pieces to be seen there...

Friday, December 16, 2005

Sketchdiary: Paris

It took a while but, I finally added the second half of my sketchbook diary. PARIS. Check it out when you have a chance...there is a goodie page in there...
December 24th to be exact. Enjoy.


Here we go again! Second week of FRIDAY LINKS. Enjoy.

[1] LeBuilding Fantastic & hilarious
PatchofOrange Make sure you check out the archives
Zoya I dig these sculptures
Joe Vaux Quirky stuff!
CustomCreatures Freaky stuff... but I can't stop looking
TheAugBlog FINALLY, Augie. Amazing artist. Don't miss it.

Still waiting for Dev's blog. All in due time.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hey! It's not Friday. I'm a couple days early posting Friday Links, but these were too cool to wait.

[1] Pictoplasma Fest DAMN! We just missed this.
[2] QWAK Cool. (don't bypass the rollover sections on the left)
[3] Hayshi PaperSculptures. HOLY CRAP! Checkout the motorized ones @ the bottom.

I may add a few more before the day is through...

Comments! Comments! Comments!

HEY! Sorry for the LONG delay in posting. Dev and I have finally moved into our new home. It's been brutal not having internet connection for the past week - like losing an arm or something. Helpless... well, semi-helpless.

AND on a quick note, I screwed up and clicked something I shouldn't have in my blog settings which made it impossible for people to post comments for the past few posts. Thank you GENE for making it all better now.

Please leave me comments! They make me happy... a sign that someone is looking @ Stumpytown. hee hee.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Friday, December 02, 2005

HEY! It's Friday!

Hey everybody!

I decided. I'm going to post links every Friday to share with you all. What a great way to end the week! I was going add them to my I like Stuff section, but come on, you guys haven't even looked over there. Am I right?
Here we go. (click on the links buddy)

[1] GUGU This is hilarious! Fully posable.
[2] Animated short HI-larious.
[3] MarkNewport This is killer.
[4] MiseryChildren I'm motivated now to break out the sculpy again.
[5] Paperforest The things you can do with paper!
[6] Doodlebox You can download a box to doodle on as well...
[7] Gallery Okay, is it me, or is this ridiculous?
[8] CorkDoll Click on the Archives section. Dang!
[9] Victrola Lovely lattes
[10] Pizza No fuckin way. I want this.
[11] Burnett Funky wood doodes.
[12] Knife holder I want this...

Okay. I'm done. Thanks. BYE BYE...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Holy Crap! It is December 1st!

That's it. That's all I have to say....

Oh, no, actually. I DO have something to say. Dev and I closed on our house and got our keys today! (well, I guess it was really yesterday, since it is 1am) We will be moving in next week. I can't wait.


HEY!!! ShrinkyDink Nut Magnets! Well, I couldn't find my magnetic discs, so they're not quite magnets...yet.
I decided I'm going to make some mini-beanbag plushies of these doodes. Dev had a supah-awesome idea this morning. He said to package them all together in a custom tin. Can't you see it? Genius. The ultimate Mixed Nuts. I can't wait.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Mixed Nuts

Come on! How can you go wrong with mixed nuts? I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with this... maybe nut plushies...or shrinky dinks...or maybe it will be part of the Fruit & Nut show next year. Did you notice the lack of peanut in the mix? Ah ha! I'm still working on that one. Its gotta be good. It's gotta stand on its own.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Stumpytown's First Shop Order!

Hey! Stumpytown Shop got its first button order. WooHoo!
To celebrate this grande occasion, I created 2 new buttons.
The FIRST is a peanut. Dev said "He's missing his top hat and monocle."
Crap. Oh well, it's a first attempt. The SECOND button is a one-of-a kind doodle. Both buttons are being sent as a keen 'bonus' to the kick-ass customer in California. (Thanks Alex)
Very soon I will be starting my 'Death by Peanut' plushes, etc. in honor of my anaphylactic shock allergy... stay tuned!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sketchdiary cont.

..had a HUGE platefull of spaghetti and a few glasses of wine with Dev and Aug and my belly is happy and full. Falling victim to food-coma....
So, QUICK! have a look -
I finally added the last 8 pages of my sketchdiary. I hope you like it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Going home...

Hey look! I'm animating! Can you believe your eyes? Yes indeed. It is truly something to be amazed by. Please, by all means, sit down so you can catch your breath... whew! That was close....

Kitty Doodie Doodle

Friday, November 18, 2005

Skullbabyland yeah!

Okay, you MUST check out Trav's blog SKULLBABYLAND ! He is a kick-ass artist and his Juggernaut Challenge is most-AWESOME. I love it - quite a few buds at work contributed....and its been a while since we've had some creative fun....a long while... Thanks for the boost-n-juice Trav.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Stumpytown Vol. One

Hey there...
Dang! I spent way too much time getting those button/banners added to this page I haven't posted anything new since last week. Have a look! Okay, I know, they aren't so great, but humor me and pretend you noticed....over there...uh, on the right.

I DID however, add two new additions to My Stuff and Things section. A few pages taken from my sketchbook diary and my very first comic attempt for the Emerald ComicCon 2yrs ago. I've managed to get vol 2. out and hoping for vol.3 to be completed for April's ComicCon.

Okay, I'm off...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

GIANT stuffed pink bunny


An art group called Gelatin designed this 200ft long bunny and put it on a mountain top (Colletto Fava) in Italy 2 months ago...and expect it to remain there until 2025.
It is stuffed and made of pink wool!

They expect hikers to climb the (20ft) sides and relax on its belly. HA!
Here are some more pics BUNNY

2 great tastes that go great together!

Here is a doodle of Dev and Chewie!

A bunch of my buds started their own blogs! I've updated my links list, so go check their most-awesome work NOW! I am going to try and get Dev to start one (in due time, in due time)

I really need to get started on some new paintings...Suzanne and I are going to be having another artshow in March @ All City Coffee in Georgetown! It's going to be called 50/50. Fifty paintings for $50. I'm going to have fun with this one...

Monday, November 07, 2005


I've been messing around with this program called Zbrush...its a pretty interesting program. Kind of like modeling with clay. Here is a dabble.

BTW....I'm moving this blog to You can keep going to stumpytown.blogspot, but it won't update there.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pure Trance

Hi Again!
We got kicked out of our home this afternoon from 11am-4pm...
Our condo was listed on the market yesterday, so we had to make ourselves scarce as potetial buyers came through. Ew. It was a little unsettling knowing strangers were in our home and looking through our stuff! It would've been smart to plant a video camera or tape recorder to spy on them.

Today was sunny and gorgeous though.
We ended up walking around downtown and stopping in at Xanadu Comics!
I bought Pure Trance by Junko Mizuno.
She kicks ass. Here is a shout out to Tim for turning me on to her work.

Friday, November 04, 2005

First Blog

Hello Everybody!

I thought I'd give this BLOG thing a try. I don't really have anything really interesting to say...but you are here reading THIS for some reason, so I'll do my best.