Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Illustration Friday : Electricity

Hey Everybody!

This week's Illo topic stump'd me at first! My creative juices were bone dry....no images popped into my head at all. It took a while... BAH! I almost attempted to do a take on the 'lightning' guy from Big Trouble in Little China, but ended up doing this stumpydude getting zapped in an electric chair.

Here ya go! Krispy Kitty.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Illustration Friday : Seed

"This Starseed is No Good."

Skeletor was duped! Poor little guy is left holdin' a fake. HA!

A couple months ago, I tried to paint a similar piece for the Saturday Morning Cartoons show on this funky little wooden plaque, but it turned out way too dark and just plain poorly executed. Booo. What a waste of a nice piece of wood. I've been wanting to re-do the piece for some time, so happily, this week's Illo topic game me a boost - I decided to do it up digitally this time around... still dark, but hopefully not as crappy(?)

Hey... don't you think the voice of The Monarch from the Venture Bros. sounds vaguely like Skeletor? Is it just me?