Sunday, November 09, 2008

Plush Hobbes!

Last month, my friend Travis commissioned me to make a larger-than-life Hobbes for his Halloween costume! He specifically wanted this to be the 'stuffed' version that other characters see, not the live tiger version Calvin sees.

I usually begin by making a full size 3D paper model, then take it apart (carefully) and use as a pattern.

I needed a BIG sheet of striped fabric, so I cut strips of black and orange fabric & sewed them together.

I cut out the back and belly pieces, and sewed them together.

I was worried about making a mistake with the placement of his nose and stripes on his face so, I decided not to use the sewing machine and opted to do it by hand. I found the perfect OVAL black buttons for his eyes online! YAY!

Making the arms and legs now...YAY, sewing more striped fabric sheets (this was the most boring part.) I sewed together orange and black strips, but added a white strip on the end for the paw parts.

Cut, stuffed and attached to the body.

For the legs, I didn't want to make the same rounded paw nubs I made on the arms, but flat, oval bases.

I stuffed the body with poly fill as well as a little bit of poly pellets to give him a semi-floppy feel. I then gathered up the top of the neck area before attaching the head.

Here he is! Homage to Bill Watterson.
I made his scarf out of velveteen fabric, but I wish it was made of wool - I didn't have any on hand. I loved him so much, it was difficult handing him over. I am however, making one for Dev.

Here's Calvin & Hobbes!
Trav was an awesome Calvin. Blond spiky hair and all!
Trav and I decided on an art trade for him!
(WHERE is my painting Trav? I'm still waiting)

**2009 UPDATE**
Thank you to everyone for their emails, compliments and inquiries! I appreciate all your kind words. I also wanted people to know I won't be sewing anymore stuffed Hobbes out of respect to Bill Watterson (he was against merchandising his work). I wouldn't feel right about making $ from his work. Thank you for understanding.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


...walking towards Grant Park...

Sitting along side Lake Michigan.

Man Stance!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Autumn leaves...

Even though it was raining, it was just so beautiful outside this afternoon. I had to take a few pics of our trees...