Thursday, December 13, 2007 they are...

My Homage to Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon for the Good vs. Evil show @ BLVD. I decided not to sell these pieces because for some silly reason, I grew attached to them - I think mostly because it has been months since I've painted, so it was hard to let them go. Sadly, I was pulled from the show and not allowed to hang because of that. Understandable. So, I guess I can show them here:

The Good Guys
Roper, LEE, Williams

The Bad Guys
Bolo, Mr. Han, Ohara
these pieces are around 15" x 6"

Cel paint and gouache on wood, cut out pieces are basswood.

Monday, December 10, 2007

GOOD vs. EVIL @ BLVD Gallery!

Mark you calendars! This Friday I am participating in a group art show called "Good vs. Evil". We were asked to create 2 pieces, One Good, One Evil. I created an homage to Bruce Lee and Mr. Han from Enter the Dragon... heh. I'll be posting the images shortly...
BLVD Gallery
2316 Second Avenue
Seattle, Wa 98121
6pm - 10pm.
HERE is a link to the gallery - Please come by if you are in the area! Thank you Jamie and Damion for putting this all together. I can't wait to see everyone's work. And here is a 'tsk tsk' to Dev. You know why.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

MLK logo wins national award

I want to congratulate Tony Gable of the Gable Design Group, my friend and past employer, for this recent Savvy Award from 3cMA (City, County Communications & Marketing Assoc.) Thank you again Tony for asking me to be a part of GDG again, and participate in the illustration/collaboration of this piece!
FYI: a lot of folks assume this change happened overnight. Most aren't aware that in 1986, that the King County Council renamed the county after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. It actually took the council 20 years to vote to change the county logo to his likeness.


Hi everybody!
I'm sorry for neglecting my Stumpytown blog. I've been super busy & my computer kinda was flakin' out on me. Okay, that is only half true... I also haven't done any new stumpy work as of late... but, a lot has happened in the past month, so I finally DO have a crap load of things and stuff to post so, let's get to started with this tasty bit shall we?

Super-Awesome Kristen Rask of Seattle's own Schmancy Toys landed a book deal - PLUSH YOU! Loveable Misfit Toys to Sew and Stuff. I got my contributer's copy a few weeks ago and it was so exciting to see Stumpytown plush published. YAY!

Also, a HUGE surprise last month, was an article in our local Seattle Times newspaper CLICK HERE! Stumpytown was featured in full color. 'Thank you Karen Gaudette! I don't know you, but thank you so much.' And, thank you Kristen Rask again of Schmancy! The book is now on sale at Amazon and Powell's books online!