Friday, February 03, 2006

Links FRIDAY. YIPEE's that time!
MaryBlair. Love her love her love her. Dev found this for me!
BeerMats. Very cool gallery show of beermats.
Genepool. Gene's gallery show of beermats!
BlueBunny. I'll list it again! Kim's blog!
Yun Bai. 'Porn flower' collages from mag snips.
Moleskin. A sketchbook exhibition in Japan...
Fallen Rappers. Custom PEZ

[8] JessHutch. Cute crochet (do ya recognize DoubleFine's baby?!)
[9] RoseyGrier. Pam Grier's cousin...needlepoint for men.

[10] HerbRitts. I'd forgotten about him...but loved his work...
[11] Capsula. ECO burial capsule. Lovely.