Sunday, April 27, 2008

Illustration Friday : Wrinkles

Hey Everybody!

I've been neglecting my blog (what's new), but a miracle happened and I actually did this week's Illo topic! Wrinkles! I have this sick facination with plastic surgery so I wanted to something along those lines. Ahhh, Botox! I originally started working on a generic wrinkled face, but it somehow morphed into Ben Grimm, The Thing. Okay, I know, he's not wrinkled, he's rock - which Dev gave me crap about. So, I made a new one, YODA! All plumped and juiced up.

Here ya go.

A couple folks asked to see the Ben Grimm version...
here he is! Yeah, it doesn't fit 'wrinkles' more like 'cracks' heh.