Wednesday, December 20, 2006


After 6 days in the dark... the Madan household now has POWER!
Ahhhh. I'm just going to sit here for a moment and enjoy the power of light.

Monday, December 18, 2006


Augie and Corrie put on another kick-ass ArtJam this past weekend! Special guest start Ryan Bubnis showed up - I practically stalked the art runner and "JOE" who ran the art table in the back to lock in the purchase of his fine work. It will soon be hanging in my stumpytown studio... (as soon as we have power again). Here is a big THANK YOU to Augie and Corrie for another boost in juice. Check out Augie's blog on the recap, he also has some Flickr links to some awesome pics...

There is Bubnis in the middle and Maija on the right...

Augie and Corrie kickin' butt during the Artist SWAP Round.
(paint 20 minutes, then move to the right)

There is Dave.. I can't tell who is in the middle... and Marcia

Go Shane go! (on the right)

A 3-some: Lawrence, Suzanne and me...

Jody made it up from Portland and Dani made it out for support! Thanks ladies!


Dev and I are SUPER lucky and no trees fell on top our house! Oddly enough, 1.5 trees fell in the only safe OPEN spot - our driveway. ACK. We had to call a guy out and chainsaw them into pieces so we could get out. We still don't have power as of today (I'm takin' a break at work to post this.) Fortunately, my folks got power on Friday - they live in South Seattle - and we've been able to stay with them. Be safe everyone.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Mark your calendars!
Saturday, Dec 16th
8pm-2am @ the 9lb in Georgetown!

Augie and Corrie put together this kickass artfest and it is a definite 'boost-n-creative juice'. For those of you who weren't able to make it out the first time, please try to make it out this weekend. Artist or non-artist, you will have a great time. Try to make it out early, as people were turned away at the door last time due to MAX capacity.
For more info or pics from the past ArtJam, check out Aug's blog!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ACK! I've been tagged!

Hey Everybody!
Mija tagged me for this Christmas game to get me back into the holiday spirit! I am to list 5 of my favorite Christmas Songs and tag 5 other people to see what they come up with.

SO, Here ya go:
1. Linus & Lucy
(no explaination necessary)
2. The Heat Miser
(I LOVE anything Rankin & Bass)
3. We Three Kings
(I love songs in minor)
4. The Little Drummer Boy
(Another childhood memory is that little sheep getting run over)
5. Holly Jolly Christmas
(How can you not love a snowman with a Banjo. Burl Ives!)

...Hmmmm, who shall I tag....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Illustration Friday : MASK!

When I saw this week's Illo topic, the first thing that came to mind was 'wouldn't it be high-larious to have Maskatron and a Fembot hangin' out having drinks?' HA! For those of you who know these characters and know what I'm talkin' about, you kick ass. For those of you who don't, have much shame. (uh... er... I'm showing my AGE, aren't I. Yikes.)
(The Six Million Dollar Man & The Bionic Woman)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Hello Again!

I'm not dead!
I am doing well and I am happy to say, I was under anesthesia so I have NO memory of the procedure. My left knee is a little achey...hmmm... I wonder if it fell off the operating table or something. Poor little polyp was ripped from its home and got sent to the lab for a biopsy. Thank you for all the 'get well' wishes, emails and phone calls everybody!

Monday, December 04, 2006


WHEW! What a weekend.

(photo credit: My sister, Kim Yamagiwa! Suzanne is doing the Safety Dance...)

The Phinney Ridge Winter Festival and Craft Fair is now over, and Suzanne and I had an absolute blast. We met a ton of awesome folks. The funniest thing I heard was out of the mouth of a ... maybe 7 year old (?) girl shouting "I LOVE CARBS!" WTF. I sure as hell didn't know what carbs were when I was 7. She said her favorite was crackers. I think Suzanne and I will have to do a show with that theme in mind someday... HILARIOUS. A couple of high-points for me: a mom and her little boy came back to our table because she said he had a question for me. He asked "what is his name?" pointing to one of my characters (how cool is that?) His mom yelled "THAT is your question!? We came all the way down 3 flights of stairs for that?!" It was adorable. Another highpoint, was a woman came by to tell Suzanne and I that a lot of people really enjoyed our show at Fresh Flours and took the time to 'look' at our work. She said she missed the show when it came down, and just wanted to let us know and tell us that. That made my day. Here is a Special THANKS to Dev for helping me build my displays and package stuff, and to my folks my sister Kim and our friends who always find a way to make it out to see us and show their support.

Here is a "SHOUT OUT" to our friend Kristy who gave us this month to have a show @ the Starbucks in Fremont! There won't be an opening reception, but it will be up for the entire month of December. Try to check it out if you happen to be in the area!

And, lastly... I finally go into surgery tomorrow morning to get the polyp dude OUT. If this proceedure goes haywire, and I'm left infertile, my co-worker friend offered to be our baby "oven", so, uh.. at least I got that going for me. Wish me luck.

FYI, I totally fucked something up to the link to my PAINTINGS page so it doesn't work anymore. I'll get that fixed... but I DID update my PLUSH page so there a few new things look at. Enjoy.