Sunday, December 12, 2010

Art Blocks for Ghana

Our friend Misael at PopCap involved us with a pretty cool project called Art Blocks for Ghana. It is a charity auction that will help build a children's home in Ghana next year.

This is my contribution. "HOME"
6"x6", Balsa wood, glass, cel paints and arcyla-gouache.

Here are a few in-progress images:

New Bento Box Lunches!

I made a new Edamame keychain Bento Lunch to go along with my Tempura Shrimp Bentos. (Thanks to LadySally for the custom order on Etsy!)  I'll be making more of these for next year's Emerald City Comic Con in March. Possibly, along with a Chicken Karaage Bento as well!)

PopCap Remastering Project

I really overextended myself these past couple of months, taking on too many commissions, pro-bono and personal projects.  So of course, when PopCap created a 'just for office fun'  "Remastering Project" (taking images found at local thrift stores and turning them into new pieces of art), I decided to participate.  We were given a couple of weeks to work on them, but as per usual, I worked on it for a few hours the night before the deadline. HA.

Here is the before and after:
 Colored pencils and Copic markers.