Thursday, March 06, 2008


Hey Everybody!

A BIG THANKS to everyone who was able to make it out to the OUCH MY EYE, Saturday Mornings group artshow last weekend! It was a really good turnout and man, there were a lot of cool pieces. If you can make it out, the show will be up for another week, from 7-9pm on weekdays only.

Lawrence took a bunch of pics from the show! Check them out HERE.

Here is my take on the SuperFriends! A few of you have asked... "Who the hell is that dude on the end at the far right?" That is Marvin - the SuperFriends era just prior to the addition of the Wonder Twins. I tried to make prints of this, but because it is a dimensional piece, it was a bit tricky, and ended up looking like crap. I'm going to try and find another means to get this going, so at some point, I will have some prints available at my Etsyshop. Cheers!

12"x8", acrylic-gouache and cellpaints on cut basswood, mounted to wood.