Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dev's Xmas Gift! Admiral Ackbar.

This is one of Dev's favorite Stumpy paintings... 
I made him a plush version for xmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We got almost 10 inches of snow yesterday...

Devourer of Worlds!!!
Hey Rob, what do you think? ;-)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Plush Hobbes!

Last month, my friend Travis commissioned me to make a larger-than-life Hobbes for his Halloween costume! He specifically wanted this to be the 'stuffed' version that other characters see, not the live tiger version Calvin sees.

I usually begin by making a full size 3D paper model, then take it apart (carefully) and use as a pattern.

I needed a BIG sheet of striped fabric, so I cut strips of black and orange fabric & sewed them together.

I cut out the back and belly pieces, and sewed them together.

I was worried about making a mistake with the placement of his nose and stripes on his face so, I decided not to use the sewing machine and opted to do it by hand. I found the perfect OVAL black buttons for his eyes online! YAY!

Making the arms and legs now...YAY, sewing more striped fabric sheets (this was the most boring part.) I sewed together orange and black strips, but added a white strip on the end for the paw parts.

Cut, stuffed and attached to the body.

For the legs, I didn't want to make the same rounded paw nubs I made on the arms, but flat, oval bases.

I stuffed the body with poly fill as well as a little bit of poly pellets to give him a semi-floppy feel. I then gathered up the top of the neck area before attaching the head.

Here he is! Homage to Bill Watterson.
I made his scarf out of velveteen fabric, but I wish it was made of wool - I didn't have any on hand. I loved him so much, it was difficult handing him over. I am however, making one for Dev.

Here's Calvin & Hobbes!
Trav was an awesome Calvin. Blond spiky hair and all!
Trav and I decided on an art trade for him!
(WHERE is my painting Trav? I'm still waiting)

**2009 UPDATE**
Thank you to everyone for their emails, compliments and inquiries! I appreciate all your kind words. I also wanted people to know I won't be sewing anymore stuffed Hobbes out of respect to Bill Watterson (he was against merchandising his work). I wouldn't feel right about making $ from his work. Thank you for understanding.