Sunday, November 09, 2008

Plush Hobbes!

Last month, my friend Travis commissioned me to make a larger-than-life Hobbes for his Halloween costume! He specifically wanted this to be the 'stuffed' version that other characters see, not the live tiger version Calvin sees.

I usually begin by making a full size 3D paper model, then take it apart (carefully) and use as a pattern.

I needed a BIG sheet of striped fabric, so I cut strips of black and orange fabric & sewed them together.

I cut out the back and belly pieces, and sewed them together.

I was worried about making a mistake with the placement of his nose and stripes on his face so, I decided not to use the sewing machine and opted to do it by hand. I found the perfect OVAL black buttons for his eyes online! YAY!

Making the arms and legs now...YAY, sewing more striped fabric sheets (this was the most boring part.) I sewed together orange and black strips, but added a white strip on the end for the paw parts.

Cut, stuffed and attached to the body.

For the legs, I didn't want to make the same rounded paw nubs I made on the arms, but flat, oval bases.

I stuffed the body with poly fill as well as a little bit of poly pellets to give him a semi-floppy feel. I then gathered up the top of the neck area before attaching the head.

Here he is! Homage to Bill Watterson.
I made his scarf out of velveteen fabric, but I wish it was made of wool - I didn't have any on hand. I loved him so much, it was difficult handing him over. I am however, making one for Dev.

Here's Calvin & Hobbes!
Trav was an awesome Calvin. Blond spiky hair and all!
Trav and I decided on an art trade for him!
(WHERE is my painting Trav? I'm still waiting)

**2009 UPDATE**
Thank you to everyone for their emails, compliments and inquiries! I appreciate all your kind words. I also wanted people to know I won't be sewing anymore stuffed Hobbes out of respect to Bill Watterson (he was against merchandising his work). I wouldn't feel right about making $ from his work. Thank you for understanding.


Skullbaby said...

I love Hobbes more than almost anything ever.

Thank you again Karin, you rock!!
Trav (skullbaby)

Esther's mom said...

I'm in awe of your talent!

kaneda said...

this is frickin' awesome!!!!!

Trang Ngo said...

can you tell me where to get these buttons?? the ones for hobbes's eyes!

i would like to buy them for this teddy bear im making :D

thanks :)

oh email:

Bchetta said...

I really would love to buy a hobbes from you! Let me know!

Kathy said...

Hi, I am looking for a hobbes pattern or someone that sells. Do you sell these? Trying hard to find one for my daughter? if so can you email me

thanks so much.
this is great!

Anonymous said...

WoW! I loved your hobbes so much I made one myself just like it!

Yukon Ho said...

First of all, since now, YOU ARE MY NEW IDOL.

oh my God, you can't imagine how dazzled i am now you ahve done a Hobbes OH MY GOSH.
Do you still with the pattern? i would die for this pattern, if you do, can we talk about it?


Christian Zornoff said...

Congratulation for your beatiful job. I will have a baby in March 2010, and a like very much if i will give the hobbes for my kid, do you have the paper model for send me... thanks my email is

I apreciatte very much. sorry for my english.

Dukalev said...

Sorry to bother you but I was trying to make one for a friend of mine. I sew poorly, but I know it would be the thought that counts. Any help would be appreciated!

Jason Kemp said...

Hi, I'm in Iraq right now, (3rd deployment, blah) and was wondering if I could commission you to make one for me as well. I would gladly pay for materials, labor and shipping plus some. I have been looking for a Hobbes for a very long time and yours is the best I have ever seen. Please let me know either way if you would be willing to help out a lonely Soldier. I can be contacted on Facebook at jason.kemp1 or Facebook is probably the fastest way to get a hold of me though. Thank you so much for your time.


Anonymous said...

can you send me a pattern my email is - Eric

Kung Fu Kitty said...

I too would love it if I could have the pattern!
I'm writing you from Denmark, and I cannot find any other place from where I can aquire it! :(

I really hope to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

please please please please please could you send me your measurements or pattern if you still have it.

CJ Miller said...

Thank you so much for this idea! My son really wanted to be Calvin for Halloween and I was stumped on what to use for Hobbes. I am just roughing it, but so far it is turning out pretty cute.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! It's great! Thanks this blog I know now what to make for my girlfriend for Xmas :) Thank you so much! Your Hobbes is beautiful!

Jessi said...

i know i'm very late on this... but is there any way i could snag the pattern from you? (i completely understand your respect for watterson's wishes)

JUST figured i'd ask... :)

thanks so much and hobbes looks adorable!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness. I'm attempting to make a Hobbes for my boyfriend, and I have no idea how I would ever make a pattern without it turning out terribly!! I am with you 100% on not trying to make money off of Bill Watterson's creation, but I'm wondering if you're not open to perhaps sharing? I can't tell you how much I would appreciate it; as would my boyfriend. He deserves it. :)

Thanks, if you even see this! Obviously, you have enviable talent!!

My email's if you're feeling generous. :D

CAlvinL0VER said...

How did you cut the back part of his body, I noticed there was triangles at the bottom.

MollyNK said...

Hey! You did an awesome job on this doll! My dad and step-mom and have another baby on the way and they're naming him Calvin. My brother and I want to make him a Hobbes doll. Is there any way I can get the pattern? If not I understand. Thanks!

HobbesNCalvin said...

What size oval eyes were those? I'm buying the 22mm by 15mm. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

Could you possibly post a pattern or anything that could help us with the ratios, proportions, etc.? Basically anything just a bit more in-depth.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful hobbes! how much for one??

Anonymous said...


You are quite talented! I am making a stuffed animal for my son and would like black oval eyes like the ones you used for your Hobbes. Could you please tell me where I might get them? Thanks. O.Roi

KYMadan said...

Hello! I bought the buttons from - sadly it looks like they went out of business. :-(

Melissa said...

Hello! My mom is trying to find a pattern to make a Hobbes for the newest addition to our family - a baby boy named (what else?) Calvin! If there is any way you could share the pattern it would be greatly appreciated! we'd be happy to pay you for it!