Saturday, December 31, 2005

...on another xmas note

I realized I didn't post after our return from Vancouver...
Friday afternoon Dev, Kim and I hit the road to meet up with my folks up in Canada. Our hotel, Hotel Le Soliel, was booked online (a killer $deal.) It turned out to be a good find. Roomy, clean and within 3 blocks of Robson St.

Chritmas Eve was spent filling our bellies with steak @ Morton's. We ordered room-service with my sister and folks Christmas morning, which was just perfect. Nice, ah? And, Christmas dinner was shared with my aunt Marie and uncle Pete. They prepared a HUGE spread for us all. Simply delicious. Pete opened one wine bottle after the next and ended the evening with Shochu Kubai. Good times. The next day we were fortunate enough head eastbound to visit with Dev's step brother Graig, his wife Leslie and her two sons. Graig shared his killer photos from their recent trip to Hiroshima. Absolutely stunning. We spent the holidays with some truly amazing people.

Here is a Pete and Marie. They celebrated their 56th Wedding Anniversary on Dec 26th and Pete celebrated his 92nd birthday this year.

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Gina said...

Awww, how sweet : ) My congrats.