Saturday, December 31, 2005

Oh crap. I forgot about links Friday.

...I'm an hour late. Its officially Saturday, so here are my post-Friday links.

On My Plate. What can I say. I LOVE food. I've added this to my links list.
VAVA. Alright Joanna! She's joined the BLOG-train. Check her coolworks out.
Martha Sue. My god. Truly unsualy fabric sculptures. Love it.

[4] Gubia. Unusual works...I like her palettes...

Update on the stray cat:

We caught her! The Live Trap did its job in record time. We got her to Brookefield Vet Hospital this afternoon - VERY nice people. We found out she's female & 2 yrs old. I guess we can't call her Mr. Chuckles any more... or can we? She got a Penicillin shot for her wound & Revolution for her fleas. She will be quarantined in our bathroom for 4days until she's through with her antibiotics. We LOVE this kitty...but I'm itchy from touching it. :-(

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Anonymous said... kind souls have good juju coming your way from interstellar cat gods in the 12th dimension.....