Friday, December 02, 2005

HEY! It's Friday!

Hey everybody!

I decided. I'm going to post links every Friday to share with you all. What a great way to end the week! I was going add them to my I like Stuff section, but come on, you guys haven't even looked over there. Am I right?
Here we go. (click on the links buddy)

[1] GUGU This is hilarious! Fully posable.
[2] Animated short HI-larious.
[3] MarkNewport This is killer.
[4] MiseryChildren I'm motivated now to break out the sculpy again.
[5] Paperforest The things you can do with paper!
[6] Doodlebox You can download a box to doodle on as well...
[7] Gallery Okay, is it me, or is this ridiculous?
[8] CorkDoll Click on the Archives section. Dang!
[9] Victrola Lovely lattes
[10] Pizza No fuckin way. I want this.
[11] Burnett Funky wood doodes.
[12] Knife holder I want this...

Okay. I'm done. Thanks. BYE BYE...

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