Friday, March 09, 2007

Opening: BELLA and MAX!

My friend Juliet just opened her new kids boutique in
Bothell Country Village! The Grande Opening will be in April.

Bella and Max
817 238th St SE ,Suite C
Bothell, WA 98021


Drop in when you are in the area. She carries really unique, cool kids clothes and accessories... I have to get to work on having a kid soon so we can buy some of this stuff (right Dev? wink wink) ....and down the road she will carry some limited edition Stumpytown plush (Thank you Juliet!) Don't miss out.


geenpool said...

it's my favorite place to buy stuff fer esther!! Juliet rocks!

=shane white= said...

You know you're getting older when you refer to "having a kid" as work.

Remember when it used to be just a mindless fun accident?


KYMadan said...

Well, I never wanted to have kids when I was younger, so I actually tried hard to make sure I didn't have that 'accident' - now that I want one... uh.. not so easy. At least the polyp is gone, so maybe we have a chance now! :-)

udream2 said...

its refreshing to see a boutique as cute as this in the bothell area!