Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hello! Back from Vancouver!

Hey Everybody!

We just got back from Vancouver and I swear to god, it felt like we spent more time in the travel - it flew by too fast. Dev and I went up with my folks and Kim and got to spend some time with our Uncle Pete and Aunt Marie. It was lovely. I love them both so much. I'm shocked to recal they celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary and Pete turned 93 last year. We will most likely go up again in the spring/summer, but stay a bit longer next time around.

I also got a chance to swing by
OCCUPIED Shoppe - I've been emailing the owner Janelle for the past year. She is AWESOME! And her shop... is the best. If you are up in Vancouver, swing by Gastown on Abbott street. Here are some pics from Occupied Shoppe's site (Janelle, I hope you don't mind I used these!)

Two Stumpytown Tempura Shrimp are now proud residents at Occupied Shoppe. If you'd like to adopt one, contact or (604) 605-3322.

And lastly, I FINALLY posted some Stumpytown items on my ETSY Shop (having opened my account over a year ago. YIKES.) There is a new "SHOP" button at the top of the page (just under my PROFILE.) Check it out if you have a chance~

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Jenelle said...

thank you so much for coming by!!! I was actually way more sick then I actual knew that day. i totally walked away from your sister after she paid me & I handed her her bag. i forgot to giver her, her $2.40 in change!!! So I owe her/you. I went out looking for you after I noticed, but y'all were too far away :(

she must have thought I was CRAZY. I am so sorry. that night I ended up staying in bed for almost a whole day dying. so I appoligize.

next time we meet, hopefully I won't be so out of it ;)

talk soon!