Friday, February 05, 2010


Thank you to all of my friends and family for coming out to the show last night! There were some really nice pieces in the show - the other 6 artists live out of state - unfortunately, I wish I could've met them. If you get a chance to check out the show, it will be up for the month of February.

Here's my STUMPYTOWN contribution to the show...

(above photo: courtesy of Flatcolor Gallery)

EACH: 6" x 15"x 1/2" Acryla-Gouche and Cel paint on wood panel

The first painting was from a past show at Bluebottle Gallery. We didn't have a theme to go off of, so I decided to use this initial painting as a jump-start for the rest of my pieces.

"Waiting" 7 1/2" x 12" Polar Fleece, Wool Felt & Polyfill

Untitled 11" x 9" Polar fleece, wool felt, polyfill & chopstick

Heart Gone Rogue 6" x 12" Polar fleece, wool felt & polyfill

"Mended Heart" 10" x 12" Polar Fleece, woolf felt, polyfill & leather 

Untitled 5" x 12 1/2" Polar fleece, wool felt, polyfill, wire & glass chopper 

If you are interested in any of the pieces, they are now at my stumpy Etsy Shop!

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