Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Kim!

April 28th, was my sister's 40th birthday! "Happy Birthday Kim!" A couple of weeks ago, we had a surprise party for her (Christy, Gina and I spent a good 3 months in the planning) and it went out with a bang! Kim didn't suspect a thing. Whew! Christy baked a beautiful cake for Kim, and Gina made an amazing video b-day card for her. Heeey wait a minute...what the hell did I do? Anyways, a few pics from the night are HERE. (Kim is now in New York celebrating her birthday with Patrick! Yeeehaa!) I can't wait to hear about their trip when they get back in town. Cheers Kimie!


geenpool said...

she looks soooo happy...awesome!! See you tomorra'!! whoot.

g said...

Great pics Karin!!