Friday, April 13, 2007

Email, don't fail me now

Well... I'm having problems with my email, in a MAJOR way. How major you say? Well, le'ts just say I'm probably getting about 50% of the emails that have been sent to me (as Dev and my friends have made known to me), or I receive them days (so far, up to 5 days) after you've sent them to me! So, I'm trying to get the problem fixed (i.e. I may need to get a new service provider)I set up a TEMPORARY solution, so please CC or directly email me at

Sorry for the inconvenience... this will hopefully be fixed soon.

1 comment:

Augie said...

Sux about your email K. I had to leave a comment about that last post though. Those Mxyls are awesome! Good stuff, once again.