Sunday, March 11, 2007

King County logo unveiling

This afternoon we attended the unveiling of the new King County's official logo at Mt. Zion. My friend and past employer, TONY GABLE of Gable Design Group, was selected out of a nationwide competition of 29 design firms to redesign the new logo in the likeness of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. If anyone deserved this honor, it would be Tony.

Last fall, Tony called me up for 'a freelance illustration project' and said that he wanted to keep it 'in the family.' I could'nt refuse. The process was a challenging one as the likeness of MLK could not be rendered directly from any existing photos/visual reference. But, working through many variations with Tony and Nancy... I'm very happy and proud of the end result. Here is a big "THANK YOU" to Tony for bringing me back into the Gable family once again to be a part of history.


udream2 said...

congratulations, nicely done! i am sure i will be seeing this logo throughout the seattle area.

joy o said...

Great to see your work back out in the public sector...I was wondering if Tony was going to reach back into the talent banks!