Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Ed started a few of us on a 1 hour "Speed Painting" exercise a couple times a week (with a given phrase) and boy, it's tough! Here are a few of my stumpy versions:
"An exposed to atomic radiation fakir leaps on an apocalyptic warrior in the fog."

"A Supersonic Shaolin monk decapitates an amphibian on a submarine"

"An ectoplasmic fish assembles a goblin in a lane."
Check out Edward's, Paul's, Gene's and Augie's on the Atomic Lead blog!


metalpig said...

I still really like your fish. He's cute. Now can you make a plushy out if it?

chaoticmutation said...

Wow! Those are StumpyTownAwesome!!!

rachael said...

whoa whoa did all of these in an HOUR? no way! please explain to me so that i might believe you are human.

KYMadan said...

HA! Hi Rachael - you are correct in thinkin' NO WAY! They 'each' took an hour, not all three in one hour. :-)