Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Stumpytown @ Blue Bottle Art Gallery!

I'm so happy! Some of my Stumpytown artworks are now at Blue Bottle Art Gallery + Store! CLICK HERE!

They have a fantastic selection of artwork from local and national artists - from paintings, prints, plushies, t-shirts, magnets, journals, cards, jewelry, etc. Check out the boutique when you're up on the hill!


Enfu said...

Awesome! I see that our links are side by side..even better!!
I love all the stuff at Blue Bottle, especially the poop plush toy.
Go KYM!!

Anonymous said...

wahhhh!! I want the one with the box on its head.. reminds me of my son, Ryan... It's already sold!!

congrats Karin!

Lisa Z.

Augie said...

Karin, that new banner is cool as f**k! Love it!

rachael said...

yay!!! i want to go there when we come to town [which is now to be in july, as sally is combining fancy and pants!]