Friday, January 20, 2006

The Lonely Man

Up until I was about nine years old, my sister Kim and I had piano lessons every Friday. Only snipets of memories come to mind....the dusty bowl of hard ribbon candy on Mrs. Sutherland's coffee table... the game my mom and I would play during Kim's lesson (she'd write down a word, I'd draw it) ... the McDonald's hamburger my sister and I shared after the lesson...
I haven't really touched a piano since then, but oddly enough I've been hankerin' to play these past few months.

Tonight, I messed around with this online keyboard , jotted down the few notes above ...and I believe... I'm pretty durn close to getting the notes to The Incredible Hulk theme song down. OH YEA!


Hell Toupee said...

This thread had no comment on it, so I thought I'd put one here.

jeaux janovsky said...

The lonely man theme is my ringtone on my celphone!
Thanks for posting this!!!
awesome cool!